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This site aims to give the latest news on wicking bed,  for technical details, manuals, information on soils and the basic principles of wicking beds you should go to the master site at    www.waterright.com.au




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  Soil.pdf  looks at regeneration of soil and how soil biology can improve health  
  Diabetes and phytochemical.pdf  looks at how plant chemicals can improve health, particularly for diabetes and heart conditions  
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       The wicking bed basket

   A new way to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables


wbbasketThe ‘swap and go’ wicking bed basket system is a new way to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables.  It is easy and you do not need any special skills.

There is a grower-coach near you who will install the mother wicking bed.  This is a box with a water reservoir which hosts the basket.  Your coach will also install the basket which is full of mature fruit and vegetables which you choose with the help of your coach.  The plants are growing so they are always fresh, no sitting in a fridge deteriorating.

You can enjoy the common vegetables like lettuce and radish but you may prefer to grow herbs and some of the more exotic medicinal plants which have been grown for millennia for their reputed health benefits.

Any time you want you just pick and eat the fruit or vegetable you fancy.  The plants are growing so they will soon grow back.

You can recycle food waste by simply lifting the basket out, and putting food waste preferably with some green waste and a sprinkle of the nutrient pack that your coach supplies.  This means you plants are growing in nutrient rich soil full of minerals and trace elements. Soil biology will help break these down to make the nutrients available to your plants.

Your coach will visit you on an agreed schedule and replace the old basket with a new with fresh plants you have chosen with your coach on a ‘swap and go’ basis.

Is it expensive?  It costs little more than shopping at the supermarket but your food is always fresh, it has not sat around in trucks, warehouses and supermarkets before you eat it.  You simply pick and eat.   Living foods are plant-based foods that are many times more nutritious than even the best vegetables available from supermarkets. They are still growing even as you pick them for consumption.

The wicking bed basket - the healthy way to eat

Wicking Baskets.pdf

Diabetes and phytochemicals


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