supermarket.jpg Modern factory food is unhealthy – full of fats, sugars and salt but lacking in fibre and minerals which leads to fat around the vital organs, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.

Food is dominated by mega- corporations focused on profits above health.
Diet can be balanced by eating fresh fruit and vegetables free of toxic chemicals.
wormbeds.jpgFortunately Wicking Beds make it easy for virtually anyone to grow nutritious green veggies. As the plants grow in a nutrient rich compost tea they require little watering or maintenance.

They can be very simple and cheap – there is no need for complex systems – any waterproof container will do – such as a polystyrene or tote box.
healthy soilBut Wicking Beds need a healthy living soil.

Soil is the key for success in growing nutritious vegetables. Nutrients are essential but not enough.
fungi.jpgPlants have a symbiotic or cooperative relation with soil biology which both releases nutrients and structures the soil which must have a high void space to hold the water, be hydrophilic (water loving) for wicking as well as a high nutrient level.

The WickiMix process enables people to grow their own soil from organic waste such as food scraps and weeds.

It is based on the way that nature has been making soils for billions of years – a living eco-system containing an active and diverse micro and macro soil biology which decomposes and aerates organic material to create healthy soil.

WickiMix-R (R indicating Rhizosphere of Root zone) contains a broad spectrum soil biology extracted from the roots of plants grown as a balanced eco-system. A key feature of the process is the use of a wide range of specific plants which encourage beneficial soil micro-organisms.
wickimixr.jpgIt is placed on top of a layer of organic waste and is then covered with soil or potting mix and finally a layer of WickiMix-M which is fine textured for seed propagation and contains Minerals essential for health.

WickiMix-R and -M are concentrates which are used directly in Wicking beds. It is available from the shop at www.wateright.com.au

People with large gardens and a supply of organic waste (as available from many local Councils) may prefer to grow their own WickiMix by buying a combination of soil biology and seeds.

The WickiMix system is based on intellectual property rights protected by the Creative Commons system for community sharing and can be used for private use.

However we are encouraging experienced growers to set up ethical micro-businesses using the WickiMix process to produce and supply soil to local customers. To ensure quality control this requires a commercial license.

www.waterright.com.au is a reference site which contains details of the WickiMix process.

You can contact me by email colinaustin@bigpond.com I am happy to discuss by telephone in Australia -  07 4157 2278 but best to arrange a time by email first.

Colin Austin

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