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I use this site as a starter for wicking beds, I use www.waterright.com.au as a reference site to give more details on wicking beds. 

I have just updated www.waterright.com.au with some important files, particularly on soils for wicking beds and the benefits of using a flood and drain cycle.

Wild Swans which is a major review of wicking bed technology and soils for wicking beds (update in progress)

Also available as a .pdf  (29 Jan 2015)

Once up a time which talks about diet and health and how to grow healthy food  22 Jan 2015

also available as a .pdf

If you would like copies or have any problems in transition please email me - there is no cost.


  Just added video Diet, Health and Wicking Baskets   10/10/2014
or (faster) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh2XJwggMEo
  Recent articles  
  Soil.pdf  looks at regeneration of soil and how soil biology can improve health  
  Diabetes and phytochemical.pdf  looks at how plant chemicals can improve health, particularly for diabetes and heart conditions  
  Operation.pdf  how the healthy food association operates  
  coach scheme.pdf  how the coach scheme helps new and old users  
  registry of coaches.pdf  lists of coaches  
  operating manuals.pdf  operating manuals for wicking beds  
  food veg   

Wicking baskets – the easiest way to home grow food.

The preloaded wicking basket - a version of the wicking bed which is so easy to grow that anyone can do it.
wicking baket You can grow fresh vegetables on your veranda or patio. No mess just chop and chew.

wicking basket The wicking basket consist of a basket sitting in a container which form a water reservoir.  The site glass show the water level so you know when to refill (about once a week)

These consist of a regular wicking basket, but pre-loaded with nutrient rich soil (basically vermicast and minerals).

basket showing wick Basket with wick.  The wick picks up water from the reservoir and transfer the water to the soil and hence plants.

I will also supply a seed and soil package so all the customer has to do is sprinkle the seed soil mix onto the top to the basket and fill the container with water.

 Too easy!

I am selecting plants combinations so they will provide a continuous supply of young leaves for an extensive period.

chinese cabbage  Chinese cabbage just sprouted,  they will be ready to start eating in about a week 

These are simply chopped and eaten basically as a snack food whenever anyone feels hungry. I am have four different plant packages.

The first is based around kale, one of the most nutritious vegetables but can be a little bitter.

I am adding other plants to balance this bitterness.

The second groups will be based around mixes of spinaches, to give a balanced taste.

Some spinaches are a little sour while others are sweet so essentially this will be sweet and sour spinach.

The third group is a conventional salad mix essentially based around lettuce.

The forth group is based around medicinal herbs - this is a bit more challenging and may take me some time to develop.

The price of a preloaded wicking basket is $48 delivered (except WA and Tas) For more details or to buy simply email me - Colin

Read article on changing nature of food here


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